The Musketeers Season 3

Director: Andy Hay

Actors: Tom Burke, Luke Pasqualino, Howard Charles, Terence Beesley, Michael Ballard, Matthew McNulty, Chris Corrigan, Sam Clemmett, Giselle Scantlebury, Santiago Cabrera, Dan Parr, Matt Stokoe, Rupert Everett, Hugo Speer, Tamla Kari

Production: Constantin Film, Don Carmody Television

Genres: Adventure, Drama

Country: UK

Release Year: 2016

Duration: 58 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Athos, Porthos and d'Artagnan have been at war, while Aramis has been at the monastery caring for the children left orphaned. Missing munitions brings the three to the monastery where the bad guys have taken refuge. As they scheme to stop the stolen munitions from being sold to the Spanish and save the Monks and the children, Aramis is forced back into battle and has to decide where he truly belongs.

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