Deadliest Catch Season 6

Director: Jennifer Sharp

Actors: Mike Rowe, Keith Colburn, Andy Hillstrand, Sig Hansen, Phil Harris, Bill Wichrowski, Adam McCalden, Zach Larson, Jake Anderson, Jonathan Hillstrand, William Tillion Jr., H. Dawson Gates, Samuel Cotton, Nathan Crutchfield, Mark Giles

Production: Angel City Studios, Discovery Network

Genres: Documentary, Reality-TV, Adventure

Country: USA

Release Year: 2010

Duration: 44 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: As the fleet prepares for king crab season conflicts surface in a meeting between the ship captains. Two of the captains hatch a creative scheme to help their kids grow up. The fleet heads to sea and sets their traps in eerily calm seas. Then, the Guardian comes to the rescue of a sinking cod boat.

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