Beneath the Harvest Sky

Director: Aron Gaudet, Gita Pullapilly

Actors: Emory Cohen, Callan McAuliffe, Kymberli Bryant, Zoe Levin, Joe Cobden, Sarah Sutherland, Cody Belanger, Forrest Bouchard, Shelby Bryant, Chantal Deveau, Hannah Dionne, Vanessa Lavoie, Naomi Maldonado, Connor Wm. Prescott, Derrick Rossignol

Production: Sunny Side Up Films

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country: USA

Release Year: 2013

Duration: 116 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: The story of Casper (Emory Cohen) and Dominic (Callan McAuliffe) - two best friends that are fiercely loyal to one another, as they come of age in a small farming town in Maine. During harvest break, Casper is drawn into smuggling drugs across the Canadian border with his outlaw father, Clayton (Aidan Gillen). Meanwhile, Dominic works his final potato harvest, hoping to earn the money he needs to buy a car and take them away towards a better future. But with Casper's life unraveling before their eyes, their friendship and loyalty are put to the test as they are forced to mature and make very adult decisions that will forever alter the course of their lives.

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